Thursday, April 3, 2008

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate

Here I am at the timeless hours of the night, looking through the window frame

The air is still as a crypt, and the scent of the night wafts in, cars flash past

On the way to the dull streetscape

I drink some cold tea which invigorates me in my vigil

And asks me to have the memories and to look again at the decision I made.

The streets look for Tom, Jesus or me Tom


Grown quieter as the last traveler returned home. The memories descend on me. I wade through it, them, as

The fears and rages sipped on the lost dreams now

4 years almost ago, and the man walked in

a forced smile on his face. & telling

Who would have thought I’d be here .nothing

Makes sense, so many questions. Everything

The ideas haunt me, hurt me, rip at me.

They’ll never leave, the scars forever marking the failure.

Up in the shy the moon passes, and questions appear clearer, now

More then ever before.

Not that there will ever be an answer. There’s the man in the black coat

Eyes penetrating, he is me, I am he

& neither knows our place in the world. Not that insecure teen. Who was

going to have to go. Careening into the next life so.

To spiral & to twist out of control and never imagined

So to go. Not that girl who from very first meeting

I would never forgive, nor will I forget, the wound is to fresh to give

Into the ideas of hope and happiness & so demanded

To find someone who will never leave me. Not for money, nor family,

Not even for the blind lust which is

only our human lot & means nothing in the end. No. not that.

There’s a song “Paralyzer” . but no I won’t do that.

I am everything and nothing. When will I die? I will never die. I will live

To be 130. & I will never go away. & you will never escape from me

Who is always & only a pillar. Despite this rage. Spirit

Who lives only to watch and protect

I’m only human, & I am powerful. & I didn’t do this for me.

It was always for you.

I came into your life because I cared. I wanted

To help you.

You & I. entwined in fat. Never the less

I watch.

The world spins, and we are along for the ride.

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Derek D5 said...

This is one of my earlier pieces from this year. I chose this as my creative piece because it offered some challenge to create a poem in the style of Red Shift. I worked hard on this piece and am very proud of how it came out.